Thanks for the Great Feedback

We’re getting a lot of positive feedback about our new facility and our multi-sport simulators.

I spent last Friday evening with my family at the new ‘Silver Tee Golf & Virtual Gaming Centre’ out on Hwy #3.  What a great time!  Everything from indoor golf, football, baseball, even zombie dodgeball,  plus so much more.  And the food was fantastic!  We will be back.” – Theresa R.

Played Torrey Pines at Silver Tee. The graphics were outstanding!” – Mike G.

We brought our kids there and talk about loving it, they they didn’t want to leave!” – Dan L.

What a fantastic experience from start to finish.” – Joe I.



Although we’re still a work in progress, we really appreciate your positive comments. If you’d like to send us some good vibes, please email:

2 thoughts on “Thanks for the Great Feedback

  1. We had a team party here this past Sunday. Staff is amazing! Our team didn’t want to leave! They were enjoying the time playing all the different games! There is something enjoyable for all ages!

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