Great Indoor Golf Rates

Late spring and early summer golf conditions can be unpredictable. Windy, wet and extreme weather conditions can really affect the enjoyment of your golf game.

We’re offering half priced indoor golf all summer long!Indoor Virtual Golf at Silver Tee Windsor Essex Ontario


  • no slow group in front of you
  • never having to wait for the beer cart
  • all your golf gear clean and dry
  • no lost balls
  • no 6 hour rounds
  • no porta-johns!

With a good pace, it costs only about $18 for 18 holes – and you can choose 80+ of the world’s top courses! If you’re looking to challenge yourself, with our top of the line software, you can adjust the pin positions, the fairway and green conditions, wind and even the time of day!

Whether you’re looking to squeeze in a round, avoid bad weather conditions, or would like a host a tournament indoors, Silver Tee’s Virtual Gaming Centre is the place to be this summer!

We hope to see you soon!

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