New Golf Tech at Silver Tee’s Virtual Gaming Centre!

We’re so excited to announce this brand new tech!

From the industry leader, Visual Sports Systems, we now offer the SwingTrack Club™ and SwingTrack Flight™ Camera system to give you the most detailed and accurate golf shot analysis available.

The SwingTrack Club™ provides you with all the swing and ball flight analysis vital to improving your performance and enhancing your experience.

swing track indoor golf tech Silver Tee WindsorDistance Measurement
Launch Angle
Back Spin
Club Head Speed
Ball Carry
Ball Direction
Ball Speed
Side Spin
Club Face Angle
Club Head Path

The combination of our SwingTrack Flight™ camera tracking system, and the SwingTrack Club™ swing analysis system, provides you with a full analysis of each shot and allows for a more realistic golf simulation experience.

Camera Features

Dual Plane Tracking
2000 frames per second
Ball Speed Tracking
Trajectory Tracking
Launch Angle Tracking
Easy set up and Calibration
Real-Time Ball Flight Data

Check out this amazing technology which was featured at the annual PGA golf show:

Wow! Just ask for the ‘Swing Track Simulator’ when making your reservation. One hour Swing Track Simulator rental is $40 an hour or $20 for half an hour, including HST. 519-966-4911

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