Fun Fundraising!

Our Virtual Gaming Centre offers an easy, fun and unique way to raise money for your charity, group or organization.

Yes! We host fundraising golf tournaments, and with the multi-sport and game capabilities of our simulators, you have even more options – options that can involve children and people of all physical abilities.

Fundraising events can be themed around one sport (such as a hockey shoot-out for hockey teams, or Home Run Derby during baseball play-offs) or play several of the multi-sports, with any format you choose! Imagine participants rotating through several simulators, accumulating points for multiple sport achievements, such as the hardest slapshot, scoring the most points in basketball, or breaking the most targets!

To learn more about our fundraising options, please click here. For a detailed pricing, suggestions and group menu options, please send us an email:

To schedule a tour of our facility and view a demonstration of our simulators, please call 519-966-4911 to arrange your appointment.

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