Birthday Parties at Silver Tee

Birthday Parties Windsor Essex Yes, Silver Tee is the perfect place for a birthday party – for people of all ages.

Celebrate the special day in a unique way!

We offer fantastic group rates and fun for people of all abilities.

Parties can be themed around one sport (such as a hockey shoot-out or a home run derby) or play several of the multi-sports, with any format you choose!

Imagine party goers rotating through several simulators, accumulating points for multiple sport achievements, such as the hardest slapshot, scoring the most points in basketball, or breaking the Birthday Parties Windsor Essexmost targets!

Games and Sports Include:
• Zombie Dodgeball
• Carnival Games
• Hockey Shootout
• Baseball Hitting and Pitching
• Football Quarterback and Field Goal Challenge
• Basketball Shootout
• Soccer Kicking Power & Skills
• Cricket Batsman Challenge
• Rugby Conversion KickerBirthday Parties Windsor Essex

Food is available on-site by ‘Shots & Slices’ for $5.95 per child (plus HST) and includes glass of pop or juice, a bag of chips and 1 choice of the following 3 options:

• 2 Slices of Pepperoni Pizza
• 2 Sliders
• 3 Chicken Fingers
Additional Pop – $5 for a 60 oz. pitcher
Basket of Fries – $4.95

Guests are welcome to order off the Shots & Slices menu as well.

Of course there is always mini golf too! Why not do both indoor game and sport simulators and mini golf? Please inquire for package pricing.

Please note: reservations are required for all birthday parties, as well as a 50% deposit. Please feel free to make an appointment for a demo of our simulators or call for more information – 519-966-4911.

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