First $100 Winner of the 2016 Mini Golf Season

Chase Bonus Game Winner April 2016Over the years we’ve given out thousands of dollars to lucky mini golfers at Silver Tee, and we’re so pleased to announce the first 19th Hole Bonus Game winner for the 2016 season! Adorable Chase Brown said ‘yes’ to the 19th Hole Bonus Game, and won $100 cash.

Congratulations to this 6 year old!

How does the 19th Hole Bonus Game work?

When playing mini golf, simply pay an extra dollar and you’ll be given a special ‘Bonus Ball’. Sink the Bonus Ball in the marked area on the 19th hole and you win $100 cash! Best of all, the winners are invited back in the fall to play the $5,000 One Putt Challenge!

So remember to say ‘YES!’ to the 19th Hole Bonus Game!

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