Natural Beauty – Final Featured Indoor Golf Course

We’re wrapping up our 12 week series of our Featured Golf Course of the Week, with Panther Lake.

Panther Lake is everything you could want in a golf course. Playing over rolling meadows, through native pines, around and over wetlands, lakes, and up and down elevation changes of up to 60 feet.

Panther Lake is a visual delight, reminding you that natural beauty is one of the main reasons you play golf.

Panther Lake Golf Course at Silver Tee Golf Centre

Every hole on Panther Lake is unique and requires something different from your shot making repertoire. The variety in design is evident in the way no two holes play alike. There are no boring holes at Panther Lake, and each is as distinct and memorable as the last. The only characteristic the holes share is that each shot demands good thinking and precise execution. Off the tee, you will face gently sloping fairways guarded by strategically placed fairway bunkers, trees and water hazards that frame the holes and provide a clear line of play. From the fairway, you will hit many approaches into well-guarded elevated greens, which are large and have plenty of contours.

Come experience this amazing Florida golf course for yourself… indoors at Silver Tee! Please call to reserve your tee time: 519-966-4911

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