Hockey Team Party Fun!

We recently welcomed the players, parents and coaches of the Essex Ravens Hockey Pee Wee Majors.

The kids enjoyed a couple of hours on the sport and game simulators and one even played a little golf.

Team Party Fun Silver Tee Windsor Essex

Thanks for choosing Silver Tee for your team party experience. We wish you the best of luck in your season and hockey futures!

Season Ending or Season Starting? Team Party Fun!

Is your baseball season wrapping up soon? Or your child’s? Are you starting to prepare for your child’s hockey season?

Silver Tee’s Virtual Gaming Centre is the place to get your team together! 

  • Meet & greet or team registrations
  • Play virtual sports related to your sport of choice or play all games and sports
  • Team building and competitive fun
  • Food and drinks are available with fantastic catering options
  • Group discounts are available!

Please call for more information: 519-966-4911

We recently held a breakfast awards banquet for a baseball league. The kids enjoyed a fantastic meal and had a blast playing virtual games and sports!

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Team Party Fun

We recently welcomed a group of hockey players for their season ending party… and what a party! Thanks for choosing Silver Tee and allowing us to be included in your great year!

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Whether your sport of choice is just beginning or the season is coming to an end – Silver Tee’s Golf & Virtual Gaming Centre is the perfect place to bring your entire team together!

Here’s a few things we can do for your group:

We have private rooms (entire facility rental is available as well!) for your awards ceremonies

Great team building and active experiences with our game and sport simulators

Fantastic food and drinks available in house by Shots & Slices (group discounts and catering available).

Would your group prefer to be outdoors, then mini golf and the driving range is perfect for you! Have a picnic on our lawn and enjoy the outdoors.

We have flexible and affordable options for your group – give us a call today: 519-966-4911

Season Ending Team Party?

Hockey Party Ideas Windsor Essex OntarioMany teams in Windsor and Essex County seasons are coming to a close. If you’re looking for a great way to celebrate with your team – think Silver Tee’s Virtual Gaming Centre!

The fun options are limitless!

It’s easy to create a little friendly competition with participants playing one sport (such as hardest slap-shot) or have them rotate through several sports (like scoring the most points in basketball, or breaking the most targets) accumulating points for multiple sport achievements.

We offer affordable group discounts, flexible simulator or full facility rentals terms as well as fresh and fantastic Baseball team party ideas Windsor Essexcatering choices by Shots & Slices.

Is your team just beginning it’s season? Our virtual games and sports are a great opportunity for parents and children alike to get to know one another.

Games and sports can be a perfect team building experience – fun and challenging!

To learn more about how our team can help your team, please reach out to us: 519-966-4911