Why Fall is a Great Time to Work on Your Golf Game

Fall is the perfect time to work on your golf game. Here are our top 3 reasons why:

1) Most of the big tournaments have been played, the pressure of competitive golf is winding down. Making changes to your game won’t negatively affect how you play in these important events.

2) If you can work out some of your main golf issues in the fall, you’ll be more confident walking onto the course in the Spring. We all know how important the mental aspect of golf is.

3) The level of your golf game has been established over the summer, so you have a really good idea of what facets of your game needs work. Focus on those areas and create good habits for Spring.

We have a full golf practice facility to work on your entire game! Whether outside on the range, or indoors with our software providing you with fantastic swing feedback.

We hope to see you soon, keep swinging!

Why fall is a great time to work on your golf game

Too Many ‘Swing Thoughts’?

If you approach the ball with too many thoughts in your head – you know the result: a duff, shank, chunk or thin shot (just to name a few).

If you’re ‘swing thoughts’ resemble this picture:

Golf Lessons Windsor Essex County
Photo credit – golfinstructiontipsfree.com

Then now is the perfect time for a golf lesson. A lesson from one of our teaching professionals at Silver Tee Golf Centre will help you focus and give confidence to your game.

We offer private, semi-private and group lessons singularly or as a money saving package or 3 or more.

Please see our rate chart and give us a call to book your lesson today. 519-966-4911

Your golf game and overworked brain will thank you.

Golf Video Tip by Joye McAvoy

Here’s CPGA Teaching Professional Joye McAvoy’s lastest video golf tip:

Would you like to request a video golf tip from Joye? Please send us an email: silverteegolfcentre@gmail.com

To view more of Joye’s video golf tips, please visit our YouTube page.

Vitamin ‘G’ Deficient?

Vitamin G - Silver Tee Golf Centre Windsor EssexIt’s been a long winter and many in Windsor and Essex County are suffering from a severe Vitamin ‘G’ deficiency – We can help!

Come on out to Silver Tee and Get Your Golf On!

Our sheltered, heated stalls provides you the perfect environment to get your golf fix.

Open today and everyday 10am – 8:30pm – We hope to see you soon!

Lots of Golf Still to be Had

Although the golf season is admittedly winding down – there is still lots of great golf to be had! Here’s some great reasons to hit the links –

– Beautiful scenery – Fall scenery can change daily, and wildlife may be visible as well.

– Cooler weather – It’s great to play and not bake under the hot sun!

– Pressure free golf – WIth the season winding down it’s a great time to simply enjoy the game.

– Get it while it lasts – In a few month’s we’ll all be itching to hit the links. Get your fill of golf now before it’s too late!

Just because the golf season is winding down, there’s no excuse to not practice and finish off the season on a high note. Fall weather can be unpredictable, but keep your good game going with practice – we’ve got you covered in our sheltered heated stalls! Hope to see you soon!

Silver Tee Golf Centre - Fall golf - practice

How’s Your Short Game?

Putting can amount to about half of your golf score – are you spending the proper amount of time working on that aspect of your game?

Our practice facility has a putting green to help you shave off those short strokes!

Try this: Keep track of your putts for the next two weeks, then spend two weeks allocating half of your practice time to putting and see those strokes disappear.

Be sure to let us know how it worked for you!

Free Tips from the Golf Pros Announcement

We are pleased to announce another ‘Free Tips from the Golf Pros’ day at Silver Tee Golf Club – July 21st 11am – 3pm.

Simply purchase a basket of balls and hit the range. One of our golf Pros will be around to offer you free, personalized golf tips.

Also on Sunday July 21st, is the 2nd day of our ‘Furry Friends Festival‘ – so there’ll be lots to see and do at Silver Tee Golf Centre!

Hope to see you soon!

Blue - Silver Tee Golf Centre


Blue hopes to see you soon too!