Planning a School Field Trip?

Year after year, we’re so pleased to be a fun go-to place for so many school groups.

If you’d like information on the activities we offer, discounted prices for groups and even lunch and snack options, please call for more information: 519-966-4911

It means to much to us to play a part in the good memories of these school children!

Corporate Outings at Silver Tee

Since opening our Virtual Gaming Centre in late 2015, we’ve been pleased to host many corporate events. We’ve welcomed many businesses for:

  • Corporate outings Windsor ontarioBreakfast meetings
  • Networking events
  • Presentations on our big screens
  • Intimate gatherings in our private room
  • Family fun nights
  • Team building and bonding or friendly competition

We’ve done it all!

We recently welcomed a fantastic group from EarthSoft Canada, Inc. which included the staff and their families for a fun night of virtual games and sports.

Thanks for choosing Silver Tee!

If you have any questions about bringing your business to Silver Tee for fun or focused time off-site, please reach out to us: 

Birthday Party Fun at Silver Tee

Over the years we’ve hosted hundreds of birthday parties at Silver Tee.

It’s wonderful for us to play a part in so many memorable milestones!

Just like each person, no two birthday parties are the same… and that’s what makes having a party at Silver Tee so unique, we’re able to completely customize packages for your exact needs.

If you are looking for fun and affordable birthday party options in Windsor or Essex County, please reach out to us: 519-966-4911

Planning a Field Trip?

If you’re planning a field trip this spring, we’d be pleased if you consider Silver Tee!

Here’s some of what we have to offer your group:

  • Group discounts
  • Active fun, indoors or out – mini golf, driving range, indoor virtual games and sports
  • Flexible options – combine both outdoor and indoor activities
  • Good for children or groups or all ages and physical abilities
  • Handicap accessible
  • Food and drinks available from Shots & Slices or outdoor picnic areas
  • Centrally located with convenient parking

We’ve been proud to be the location for so many wonderful field trips over the years. We’re experienced in providing groups of all types a fun and memorable experience: from pre-school to college: Silver Tee Golf & Virtual Gaming Centre is ready for your group.

Please contact us for availability, options and pricing: 519-966-4911 or email

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Silver Tee – The Place for Parties!

places-for-a-party-windsor-essex-silver-teeWinter, fall, spring or summer.

Cold weather, hot weather, rain or snow.

Groups of all sizes, all ages and abilities.

We can accommodate your party needs with our totally customized and flexible party packages!

Please reach out to us for all the information: 519-966-4911

(Check out what others have said about their events and our facilities, by clicking here!)

Nerd Olympics Coming to Silver Tee’s Virtual Gaming Centre

WETech Nerd OlympicsWe’re so proud to be the first event in the first ever “Nerd Olympics” for nerds, by nerds!

This fantastic event is powered by Windsor-Essex County Tech Alliance with the purpose to build and strengthen the tech community in the Windsor – Essex County through fun activities.

16 teams representing companies from across Windsor-Essex will be competing at various events over a 3 month period – for the glory taking home the coveted Nerd Cup!

The trash talk is already started on social media!

Duane Acorn ‏@duaneacorn
Looking at the other teams in the #NerdOlympicsYQG I know @TheWindsorStar will take the nerd cup! #WeWantTheCup #TrashTalk

WEtech Alliance ‏@WEtechAlliance
We’re in full #nerd planning mode doing the schedule for #NerdOlympicsYQG Event #1 @SilverTeeGolf! #YQG #Spreadsheet

Cypher Systems Group ‏@cypher_systems
Cypher Systems Group Retweeted WEtech Alliance
Cannot wait! We better start practicing our swing. #YQG #NerdOlympics #Golf

Brave Controls ‏@BraveControls
Practice your swing @cypher_systems but nerds don’t play golf…they play ZOMBIE DODGEBALL! #YQG #NerdOlympicsYQG

Cypher Systems Group ‏@cypher_systems
@BraveControls We may have to challenge you to a game of Zombie Dodgeball if there’s a sudden death round in the #NerdOlympics #YQG #BringIt

Brave Controls ‏@BraveControls
@cypher_systems We’re ready anytime, anywhere so how about September 13, @SilverTeeGolf where @WEtechAlliance can judge the champion! #YQG

Duane Acorn ‏@duaneacorn 14h14 hours ago
@BraveControls @cypher_systems @SilverTeeGolf @WEtechAlliance nice to see you both being so competitive over 2nd place #WeGotTheGold #Bam

WEtech Alliance
‏@WEtechAlliance WEtech Alliance Retweeted Duane Acorn
Oh snap! Shots fired! #NerdOlympicsYQG

Cypher Systems Group
‏@cypher_systems Cypher Systems Group Retweeted WEtech Alliance
Oh, it’s on now @duaneacorn!! Who new #Nerds could be so hostile? @WEtechAlliance #YQG #NerdOlympics

Brave Controls ‏@BraveControls
Brave Controls Retweeted WEtech Alliance
Unless @duaneacorn is firing slapshots @SilverTeeGolf virtual hockey, we’re not worried. #NerdOlympicsYQG

WEtech Alliance ‏@WEtechAlliance
.@BraveControls @SilverTeeGolf If u saw @duaneacorn’s snapshot that wouldn’t worry you either. 😉 #OhSnap #CallTheBurnUnit #NerdOlympicsYQG

Come out to Silver Tee’s Virtual Gaming Centre on Tuesday, September 13th from 5:30 to 8:30pm to cheer on your favourite nerds!