Birthday Parties “R” Us!

Silver Tee is the place to be for birthday parties!

When the weather is cold, we have perfect family fun with virtual games and sports – great for kids and adults of all ages and physical abilities. Prices are per simulator rental by the hour – not per person – up to 8 children on a simulator! We also have two private party rooms available to rent by the hour.

In the warmer months, children love our mini golf course – and we can combine mini golf with virtual games and sports!

We also have great food and beverage options by Shots & Slices.

Please give us a call to learn more about our group and party rates: 519-966-4911

Birthday Parties

It’s such a pleasure to us to be the host of so many birthday parties. It’s incredible that we’ll be in the memories of these lucky children for years to come.

We wanted to share some great birthday party pictures with you.

If you’d like to learn more about birthday parties here at Silver Tee, please give us a call. 519-966-4911

More Birthday Party Fun

We love birthday parties here at Silver Tee. We’re happy to be the location of so many great memories for children in the Windsor and Essex area.

We recently had the Mulcaster family out to celebrate a birthday. This great group of kids enjoyed mini golf, virtual games and sports as well as pizza and cake inside our virtual gaming centre.

Thanks for choosing Silver Tee!

Birthday Party Fun at Silver Tee

Over the years we’ve hosted hundreds of birthday parties at Silver Tee.

It’s wonderful for us to play a part in so many memorable milestones!

Just like each person, no two birthday parties are the same… and that’s what makes having a party at Silver Tee so unique, we’re able to completely customize packages for your exact needs.

If you are looking for fun and affordable birthday party options in Windsor or Essex County, please reach out to us: 519-966-4911

Last Minute Birthday Party

Over Halloween week-end we received some visitors who were rained out of their birthday party plans.

Naturally, we were pleased to have them! These kids really got into Zombie Dodgeball and had some fun with mannequin heads from a recent fundraiser.

Halloween Birthday Party Windsor On Silver Tee  Halloween Birthday Party Windsor On Silver Tee  Halloween Birthday Party Windsor On Silver Tee  Halloween Birthday Party Windsor On Silver Tee

Whether you’re planning a party, or your plans change – give us a call. We’d be happy to help you! 519-966-4911

Meet Zeke!

Who’s Zeke?

Zeke’s the leader of the Zombies here at Silver Tee’s Virtual Gaming Centre! He used to be a kind, respectable boy, now he only wants to wander the earth and eat brains!

Birthday Party Fun Ideas Windsor Essex

Play Zombie Dodgeball and defeat Zeke and all his creepy friends in 6 unique worlds:

  • Birthday Party Fun Things to do Windsor On (3)Grave Yard
  • Amusement Park
  • City Streets
  • Farm House
  • The Castle
  • The Kings Lair

Having a party? Be sure to have your group photographed with Zeke… don’t worry… he won’t bite (that hard)!

(RUN BLUE! Blue’s not scared of Zeke… are you?)

Birthday Party Fun Things to do Windsor On (2)

Birthday Parties at Silver Tee

Birthday Parties Windsor Essex Yes, Silver Tee is the perfect place for a birthday party – for people of all ages.

Celebrate the special day in a unique way!

We offer fantastic group rates and fun for people of all abilities.

Parties can be themed around one sport (such as a hockey shoot-out or a home run derby) or play several of the multi-sports, with any format you choose!

Imagine party goers rotating through several simulators, accumulating points for multiple sport achievements, such as the hardest slapshot, scoring the most points in basketball, or breaking the Birthday Parties Windsor Essexmost targets!

Games and Sports Include:
• Zombie Dodgeball
• Carnival Games
• Hockey Shootout
• Baseball Hitting and Pitching
• Football Quarterback and Field Goal Challenge
• Basketball Shootout
• Soccer Kicking Power & Skills
• Cricket Batsman Challenge
• Rugby Conversion KickerBirthday Parties Windsor Essex

Food is available on-site by ‘Shots & Slices’ for $5.95 per child (plus HST) and includes glass of pop or juice, a bag of chips and 1 choice of the following 3 options:

• 2 Slices of Pepperoni Pizza
• 2 Sliders
• 3 Chicken Fingers
Additional Pop – $5 for a 60 oz. pitcher
Basket of Fries – $4.95

Guests are welcome to order off the Shots & Slices menu as well.

Of course there is always mini golf too! Why not do both indoor game and sport simulators and mini golf? Please inquire for package pricing.

Please note: reservations are required for all birthday parties, as well as a 50% deposit. Please feel free to make an appointment for a demo of our simulators or call for more information – 519-966-4911.