We Love Our Junior Golfers

Whether in a beginner clinic or hitting the driving range with family – we love our junior golfers!

It’s so wonderful to see them excited about the game of golf, enjoy themselves, develop skills and learn etiquette.

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The Gift is in the Giving!

Young Avery recently chose to have her birthday party at Silver Tee – and in lieu of party favours for her guests, she generously donated $100 to For The Love of Paws pet rescue charity.

We admire Avery’s generosity, thoughtfulness and her commitment to helping this fantastic charity and we’re certain her guests were also inspired by Avery’s philanthropic deed!

Well done Avery! Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your special day and generous act.

Proud of Our Junior Golfers

We love our junior golfers here at Silver Tee.

It’s such a privilege for us to watch these kids grow, become better golfers and good people.

One junior who has been a regular at Silver Tee for years is Shawn Serha. It’s amazing to see how much he’s grown!

Shawn Serha

Have a great golf season Shawn!

Congrats to Jasmine Ly!

We here at Silver Tee would like to offer a huge congratulations to Jasmine Ly who won the girls OFSAA golf festival title at Roseland Golf Club.

Jasmine shot a 68 on the first day and a 73 on the second day of competition.

Jasmine is a long time student of our resident golf professional Joye McAvoy and a regular here on our driving range.

Way to go Jasmine!

Jasmine Ly  Golfer
Photo Credit: Jason Kryk of the Windsor Star

Congrats to One of Our Junior Golfers!

Alexis Zambito Golfer Silver Tee WindsorWe’d like to say a big congrats to one of Joye McAvoy’s junior golf students here at Silver Tee: Alexis Zambito!

Alexis is 11 years old and a Southland Insurance 9 Hole Tournament winner.

Way to go Alexis! We’re so proud of you!

Good Luck Melanie!

We’d like to wish one of Joye McAvoy’s long time golf students all the best on her new adventure as she prepares to leave for the University of Northwestern Ohio on a golf scholarship.

Melanie has been a regular her at Silver Tee for years and we are so proud of all her accomplishments and we wish he continued success in her school and golf career!

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Congrats to Melanie Burgess!

We’d like to offer a heartfelt congratulations to one of our long time junior golfers and student of Joye McAvoy-Sinn – Melanie Burgess who recently signed her letter of acceptance to the University of Northwestern Ohio for her golf scholarship.

It’s been an absolute pleasure seeing Melanie grow and develop over the years – on and off the course. We’re so pleased that she choose to sign at our Virtual Gaming Centre.

It’s fantastic to play a small part in her amazing future. Congrats Melanie!

Melanie Burgess UNOH golfer Silver Tee Golf Windsor

Melanie Burgess UNOH golfer Silver Tee Golf Windsor (3)

Melanie Burgess UNOH golfer Silver Tee Golf Windsor

Melanie Burgess UNOH golfer Silver Tee Golf Windsor (16)

We Love Our Junior Golfers!

Even though the outdoor golf season might be winding down, we love that our Juniors Golfers are so enthusiastic to learn the game!

It’s a pleasure for us to see these young golfers grow throughout the season and over the years into skilled, confident golfers and respective children and young adults! So many of these kids still love the game, whether playing with their families on the week-ends, or competitively in tournaments – and we’re proud of them all.

We wish them all the best through the end of the 2015 golf season.

Junior Golf Lessons Windsor Ontario Silver Tee Golf  (1)

Junior Golf Lessons Windsor Ontario Silver Tee Golf  (1)

Junior Golf Lessons Windsor Ontario Silver Tee Golf  (1)

Junior Golf Lessons Windsor Ontario Silver Tee Golf  (1)


Our Junior Golfers Do it Again!

Silver Tee Junior GolfersWe’d like to offer a big congratulations to all the local Junior Golfers recently named to the GAO under 17 Essex – Kent team.

A few of the incredible athletes are students at Silver Tee, or practice here often.

Congratulations to:

  • Jasmine Ly
  • Spencer Ferguson
  • Shawn Sehra
  • Rachel Cote
  • And Brett Harrison – son of Silver Tee’s Craig Harrison!

Way to go juniors, we’re so proud of you!

The other golfers rounding out the team are:

  • Curtis Hughes
  • Adam Nunes
  • David Nunes
  • Marcus Slipchuk
  • Ethan Stewart
  • Shannon Coffey
  • Brooke MacKinnon