Halloween Themed Birthday Party

Over the years we’ve hosted thousands of birthday parties… and we love a theme!

This family went all out to celebrate a birthday close to Halloween. (Of course our Zobie Dodgeball game was a hit!) This party was so well done and a great time had by all, that we had to share some of the photos!

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Zombie Dodgeball at Silver Tee

People of all ages are big fans of our virtual games and sports, but the most popular is Zombie Dodgeball! From professional networking events, school groups, team building to birthday parties and every event in between; people of all ages and abilities love Zombie Dodgeball!

Participants have the option of playing in various scenery – from a creepy graveyard to an old farmhouse… and it’s not as easy as it looks – those zombies move fast and you have to as well if you’re going to defeat them!

If you’d like a free demonstration of our virtual games and sports, please give us a call to arrange your visit: 519-966-4911.

See you soon at Silver Tee!

Fun With Zombies

These two boys were having a great time being photographed with our resident Zombie “Zeke”.

Fun things to do with kids in Windsor Essex On

Play Zombie Dodgeball at Silver Tee, work together to defeat Zeke and all his creepy friends in 6 unique worlds:

  • Grave Yard
  • Amusement Park
  • City Streets
  • Farm House
  • The Castle
  • The Kings Lair

To reserve a simulator, please call: 519-966-4911

Halloween Fun at Silver Tee

What could get your family in the mood for Halloween better than battling zombies together in a creepy graveyard?

Or perhaps your family would prefer squaring off in a farmhouse, amusement park, castle or on city streets?

virtual zombies are coming to get you at Silver Tee's Virtual Gaming Centre

Try one location – or try all six! This fantastic family friendly activity is available locally only at Silver Tee! Please call for your reservation: 519-966-4911

Zombie Dodgeball at Silver Tee

Children of all ages are loving Zombie Dodgeball at our Virtual Gaming Centre!

Check out the fun:

It’s a great way to get your children active and out of the house this winter! Rent a simulator and try Zombie Dodgeball or other sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, football and more. The cost is only $45 an hour – a great option for large families or a group outing.

Please call for more information or to reserve your simulator today!

Zombie dodgeball at Silver Tee Virtual Gaming Centre