Indoor Golf – Rates

Summer Special: Half Priced Indoor Golf

This great deal is perfect for:

  • Rainy, wet, windy or soggy days when you want to play but course conditions aren’t the best
  • When your golf course of choice isn’t available due to a tournament or is fully booked
  • Focused practice time with our fantastic software which offers golfers of all skill levels insightful feedback
  • Golf tournaments when you don’t want potentially bad weather to ruin your outing

Half price golf works out to be $17.50 per hour including HST (price is per hour, not per person!).

Our Indoor Golf Simulators

Our 12 custom made indoor golf simulators offer golfers of all skills levels a fun and realistic golfing experience. We have many modes to choose from such as stroke play, match play, scramble format and many, many more. We’re proud to offer more than 80 of the world’s top golf courses to choose from –  brought to you by Visual Sports Systems.

Not the best golfer? No problem! Our indoor golf software can give you a mulligan, a free drop and even ‘boost’ every shot to help keep everyone competitive and in the game!

Now offering the latest in cutting-edge technology – Swing Track

The SwingTrack Flight™ camera tracking system is designed to give you the most accurate ball flight analysis available. The SwingTrack Flight™ system uses four high-speed cameras to capture ball speed, trajectory, angle and flight path. The V-Track system captures ball flight data at the incredible rate of 2000 frames per second.

Silver Tee Virtual Golf Rates 2018

Perfect for your fundraising event or party!

Yes! We have 2 private or one large party rooms for your comfort and enjoyment.

All rates include HST and are per hour – not per person.

Special Indoor Golf Rates 2018

Interested in joining a league? Give us a call for upcoming leagues or to reserve your simulator – 519-966-4911

View our other sport simulator rates here.

Looking to score a great deal? Check out our Special Rates!

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