Virtual Games and Sports – Rates

Virtual Sports & Games

Our virtual games and sports are perfect for people of all ages and physical abilities.

We have 12 custom made sport simulators including 2 private (or one very large!) party rooms – ready for your party or group outing! Host a big gathering? Our pleasure! Our virtual games and sports are perfect for your fundraising event or big party!

Silver Tee Virtual Games and Sports Rates Only 2018

All rates include HST and are per hour – not per person.

Special Rates on Sunday and Monday Nights!

Looking to score a great deal? Check out our Special Rates!

Check Our Our Sports & Games!

Zombie Dodgeball:

Carnival Games:

Baseball Pitching Simulator:


Football Quarterback:

Football Field Goal Challenge:



8 thoughts on “Virtual Games and Sports – Rates

  1. Hello. I am looking to throw a very small Birthday party for my 12 year old son and 2 of his friends plus 2 adults . Your facility has interested my son. Was hoping you could help me out with information about your Zombie dodge ball . Is it 45 dollars an hour for a group or is there a limit? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks. Krista.

    1. Hi Krista,

      We would love to host your son’s birthday party! The games and sport simulators cost $45 per hour, including HST, and up to 8 people can play on one simulator.

      If you’re interested in a reservation, please email us your info such as your full name, and your phone contact information and we can talk more about this event. Thanks so much for your inquiry and interest!

  2. Tried calling but didn’t get an answer. Just wondering if I should make reservations for Saturday or if it’s just a first come basis

    1. Hi Ashley – We were having problems with our phone system. We believe the problem now to be fixed, and we do recommend calling for a reservation: 519-966-4911 Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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